Sponsors of the Month

The Sponsor for
November 2018
Levon VanErt
APIC Solutions
APIC Solutions Inc. is a full-service
electrical contractor and special s
ystems integrator. APIC Solutions Inc.
was founded by seasoned industry
leaders wanting to provide superior
electrical contracting with innovative
thinking, modern technology, and
exceptional service in an effort to
help organizations run more streamlined
business processes. We provide solutions
in electrical services, security systems,
and low voltage infrastructure/specialty
systems to commercial, government,
education, healthcare, and gaming
agencies. For more information
please visit apicnm.com


Levon VanErt, MBA, RCDD
I have worked in the low voltage,
security and electrical industry since 1997,
with the majority of my experience being
in low voltage cabling. I began my career
as a cable installer and have moved from
installation to: project manage
ment, estimating, design/engineering,
contractor management, operations
management and now account
management. I received my Master’s Degree
in Business Management in the summer
of 2016, and have been a BICSI RCDD
(Registered Communication Distribution Designer)
since 2008. I am currently a Strategic Account Manager
for APIC Solutions, where I am responsible for working
with customers to develop scopes of work,
system designs, budgets, proposals and
perform quality control functions.


Upcoming Events

Jan 8

IFMANM - January 8, 2019

Xeriscaping on Steroids



Welcome to IFMA New Mexico Chapter 


2018 - 2019        

 Jim Lloyd    George Jimenez

Jim Lloyd, President, president@ifmanm.org

George Jimenez, Vice President, vicepresident@ifmanm.org

Diana Cordova, Treasure, (contact Maryhelen for info.)

Amy Townsley, Secretary, secretary@ifmanm.org

Tonya Smith, Membership Director, membershipdirector@ifmanm.org

Joe Craig, Program Director, programdirector@ifmanm.org

Maria Dion, Past President pastpresident@ifmanm.org

Marissa Oakeley, Marketing Chair, marketing@ifmanm.org

Maryhelen Pridham, Chapter Administrator newchapadmin@ifmanm.org

The energy of many people are needed for our Chapter to function. Would you like to get involved? Contact one of the Members above to learn more.


Our numbers are growing! We are proud that our ratio of Professional to Associate members is 75%:25%. We appreciate our Associate members, as they are in the field every day contacting facility managers. As you can see, many of our Associate members are helping the chapter to grow even more. Thank you for your support! For more information about membership in the New Mexico Chapter of IFMA, contact Tonya Smith


Join IFMANM today.  It's quick and it's easy. 

 Individual benefits:

  • Local, global and industry-specific networking with a knowledgeable and supportive community of facility professionals.
  • Opportunities to hone your skills, broaden your expertise and heighten your credibility in all FM-related areas.
  • Opportunities to grow, both personally and professionally — earn recognition with an IFMA credential, get involved in association activities and contribute to the advancement of your profession.
  • Keep up-to-date with developments in your field.
  • Raise your professional profile as an FM dedicated to best-in-class facility management.


Company benefits:

  • See a noticeable improvement in the efficiency and productivity of your facility and FM team.
  • Identify facility strengths and weaknesses through benchmarking studies.
  • Best workplace practices, sustainability how-to guides and relevant FM training at your facility professional’s fingertips.
  • Heighten awareness of issues, trends and legislation affecting the workplace.
  • Reduce liability risks through an informed FM staff.
  • Reliable information on the latest product and service solutions to meet your diverse workplace needs.


Visit:  www.ifma.org

Don't forget to join the New Mexico Chapter when registering.



The IFMA Spring Conference attracted 68 attendees and 21 sponsors to the Sandia Resort and Casino for a day of "Raising the Bar: Operational Excellence and Strategic Impact in Facility Management"

Our five speakers graced the conference hall with their perspectives on the topic. (If a speaker has  given permission to post their presentation you may click on their name to view the presentation)

John Freisinger: Keynote Speaker:  Management Lessons from Beneath the Beekeeper's Veil

Ted Ritter: Facilty Management Technology Essential for each Generation

Katie Snapp: Human Factors:  People Who Need People...Like Facilities People

Randy Sanchez:  Maintaining Relevance in a Competitive Retail Market

Al Sena : Navigating the Facilities Management Maze

Other conference highlights: Board President Maria Dion, provided a great acknowledgement of Peggy Baca for her work on the 2018 Conference and her committee members, Diana Cordova, Amy Lawler, Marissa Oakeley, Mary Anne Giangola, Dan Wacker and Maryhelen Pridham. Plus gifts and monetary prizes to lucky attendees were given throughout the day.

Attendees and Sponsors, we will be sending a brief survey for your feedback. For those of you who missed the conference, we hope to see you at a meeting soon!

Click here to view Conference Brochure