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Oct 10

October 10, 2017 Luncheon Meeting

At the Tipping Point of an Alternative Construction Revolution





Sponsor of the Month

The Sponsor of the Month
for September is
Ray Segura with
Fire Protection Group

Pictured here with Veronica Gabaldon with Brunacini Buildings and his co-worker Heidi Pfeifer

Ray has been with AFPG for a little more than three years and his current position is the Special Hazards Leader for their branch division. His responsibilities include business development hazard analysis and training. With over thirty plus years in the fire protection industry he now utilizes his expertise in special hazard solutions for our company and its customers.

AFPG is a multimillion dollar company comprised of 15 offices strategically located throughout the country. With our seamless network of full-service fire protection divisions, we are able to work with regional and national companies on local levels, and on fire protection projects in facilities across the country. 

American Fire Protection Group provides inspection, service and repair work for all types of existing fire protection systems including fire sprinklers and extinguishers. Each year, our highly skilled teams examine thousands of new and existing fire suppression systems to assure optimal system operation, response times and operation of automatic sprinkler alarm systems, as well as to verify fire code and insurance compliance. 

With an expanding network of full-service fire protection divisions, we provide high quality professional service not only to local buildings and complexes, but also to companies that own or manage buildings in multiple locations and states. AFPG completes fire protection inspection services in for a variety of markets, including industrial, commercial, retail and residential companies. 

Specially trained to quickly identify automatic sprinkler system issues, our service experts are equipped with knowledge and expertise to rapidly respond with the best solution based on the specific project and facility. In fact, a member of our local service teams is available 24/7, 365 days a year.





 October 10, 2017 IFMANM Luncheon

"At The Tipping Point of an Alternative Construction Revolution"

Mogens Smed is known as the Head DIRTTbag. He is a founder and guy who named the company Doing It Right This Time – DIRTT. It’s gone from a disruptive curiosity to an imperative as the world looks for a whole new way to build that is more sustainable than conventional construction. The DIRTT sandbox is the interiors of buildings. Owners work with their design teams in real-time, intelligent 3D software that acts like a videogame. The software contains all the rules and exact pricing of the DIRTT building components so the user is free to create the perfect space without any expertise. The construction on site is a tilt-up, quick connect process. It is completed quickly and without material waste. Once moved in, the space responds to the inhabitants, making them not only resilient to change, but able to welcome it.

Considered the leading voice of prefab interior construction in North America, Mogens Smed has pushed industry standards even further by adding mass customization to the mix with his newest company, DIRTT. DIRTT was created in 2005 and stands for Doing It Right This Time. The hybrid company uses technology to bridge construction and manufacturing, and its clients range from small start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, healthcare facilities and large government institutions. 

With cabinetmaking in his family’s history, Smed first launched his own modular furniture company and construction firm, Smed Manufacturing, in the 1970s. The Calgary-based business became SMED International in the mid-90s as a publicly traded company. By introducing modular interior construction to commercial office spaces across North America, Smed grew the company into a $300 million enterprise, which was sold to Haworth, Inc. in 2000. 

DIRTT’s backbone is its proprietary software platform called ICE®. This technology uses the real-time, interactive and graphical experience of a videogame to market, price, engineer and manufacture the walls, power, millwork and floor produced in the DIRTT factories. Mogens has led the charge in ensuring the clean-tech company stays ahead of the innovation curve and delivers the message of making environmental sustainability a profitable business strategy for DIRTT and its clients.

Competencies: Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability, Finance & Business, Operations & Maintenance, Quality, Real Estate & Propery Management, Technology 

Sponsor Presenter for this event will be
Miriam Freeman with Mike's Quality Painting

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  The  2017 World Workplace now has 11 of our members attending.

World Workplace 2017 Conference and Expo

  • Date: Oct?. 18-20, 2017
  • Location: Houston, Texas, USA
  • Venue: George R. Brown Convention Center 


Welcome to IFMA New Mexico Chapter 

 2017-2018 Officers and Directors

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Andrew DeMattos, Past President, pastpresident@ifmanm.org
Rick Henrard, Program Manager, program@ifmanm.org
Diana Cordova, Treasurer, treasurer@ifmanm.org

Amy Townsley, Secretary,secretary@ifmanm.org

Peggy Baca, Director, dir@ifmanm.org

Marissa Oakeley, Marketing Chair, marketing@ifmanm.org
Amy Lawler, Sponsorship Chair, sponsorship@ifmanm.org
Mary Anne Giangola, CFM, Backup, backup@ifmanm.org
Maryhelen Pridham , Chapter Administrator newchapadmin@ifmanm.org

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Our numbers are growing! We are proud that our ratio of Professional to Associate members is 75%:25%. We appreciate our Associate members, as they are in the field every day contacting facility managers. As you can see, many of our Associate members are helping the chapter to grow even more. Thank you for your support! For more information about membership in the New Mexico Chapter of IFMA, contact Maryhelen Pridham.




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The IFMA Spring Conference attracted 50 attendees and 15 sponsors to the Sandia Resort and Casino for a day of "Disruption & Resilience: from Surviving to Thriving."

Five speakers graced the conference hall with their perspectives on the topic. Here are some of the take-aways: 

Jonathan Lewis: Old principles of success may be your undoing.

Wayne Whitzell: Remember not to remember.

Matt Procter: Don't live in the "what" - live in the reason behind it.

Larry Morgan: What's it going to cost if we do this?  What's it going to cost if we don't do this?

Charles Rath: We must develop the capacity to adapt.

Other conference highlights: Board President Andrew DeMattos provided a great acknowledgement of Mary Anne Giangola for her years of service to the IFMA NM Chapter.  Los Angeles Comedienne Rachel Hroncich provided real-life disruption and emceed the event.

Attendees and Sponsors, we'll be sending a brief survey for your feedback. For those of you who missed the conference, we hope to see you at a meeting soon!

Click here to view Conference Brochure