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May 9

Think, Think, Think

Neuroscience: The Next Competitive Advantage



Come join us May 9, 2017 for our next exciting IFMANM monthly Luncheon.


Think Better
Neuroscience: The Next Competitive Advantage


In workplaces throughout the world, scenarios of near-constant distraction have become the norm. We text during conversations, email during meetings, skimp on lunch breaks to catch up on work – always trying to process faster, handle more and work harder, often without realizing just how much we’re degrading our mental capabilities in the process.


Thankfully, our ability to focus is still salvageable. As a result of the vast amount of
neuroscience research being done, there’s now hard evidence about what attention is, how it works, how to attain it and how to use it productively.


By delving into the findings, Steelcase researchers have gained new insights into how our brains should shape thoughts, emotions and behaviors, and then applied this new science to create concepts for how thoughtfully designed workplaces can help workers better manage their attention.


By leveraging the full capacity of our brains and our environments, it’s possible to think better
at work.



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